Is Living in Turkey a Good Idea? The Pros and Cons

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Living in Turkey, or any other country for that matter is not for the faintest of hearts. Venturing outside of your comfort zone and becoming an expat to live abroad in some of the world’s most beautiful, unique, and exciting countries is a challenging yet greatly rewarding experience. It is a leap of faith.

Living in Turkey is a good idea if you are open to new experiences, enjoy socializing, and are not always a follower of rules. If you enjoy good food, want to try different activities each season, or crave meaningful friendships in a country where living costs are considerably cheaper compared to most of Europe, Turkey may be the right choice for you.

Living in Turkey: The Pros and Cons

Living in any country comes with its own set of pros and cons. However, what one may count as a curse, the other may count as a blessing.

The Cons of Living in Turkey

One aspect many expats complain about living in Turkey is the language. Although in larger cities and touristic towns you will likely get along fine with just English, for the most peaceful and minimally frustrating experience, you should try to learn as much Turkish as you can.

One other aspect that may be seen as a drawback of living in Turkey in recent years is the rising cost of living and inflation, largely owing to the depreciation of the lira and the COVID-19 pandemic. However, it still remains one of the cheapest places to live in and around Europe with a relatively high standard of living.

The Pros of Living in Turkey

The list of pros for living in Turkey is ever-growing. Living costs, which are cheaper compared to the U.K. Germany, Spain, and Italy, are a big pro for Europeans while many Americans wax lyrical about the government’s universal healthcare scheme.

One of the first pros most people think of is the weather. Not only does Turkey experience all four seasons throughout the year, its southern coasts are warmer than the rest, which means you will see a lot of sunshine year-round. This can be a very welcome change if you’ve lived in sun-deprived northern Europe, especially in winter.

Its natural beauties are varied, with different landscapes to explore in each corner of the country. For example, the east is perfect for skiing and mountainous hikes, the north attracts campers with its evergreen forests and the south salutes all with its mesmerizing beaches.


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