Common Myths About Buying Property in Turkey

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Myth 1: “Buying real estate in Turkey is a difficult process, since the legal procedures take a long time, as in many countries around the world.”

Truth: The Turkish government has made the process much easier for foreign buyers in recent years. Thanks to this, buying real estate in Turkey is much easier and faster compared to many countries. For example, there is no waiting period after you apply for a transfer of ownership, and the entire purchase process can take you as little as three days.



Myth 2: “The Turkish government will be able to take the property after my death”

Truth: The property you buy in Turkey is in freehold (absolute) ownership. This means that ownership belongs to whoever buys the property. After your death, your property will be inherited by family members in accordance with the law.



Myth 3: “I don’t know if I can trust real estate agents because I have never bought property in Turkey before.”

Truth: Turkey is a country loyal to investors, here at the legislative level there are rules that protect the rights of buyers. There are many professional and reputable real estate consulting agencies in the country. Also, all real estate agencies are subject to compulsory licensing. If you wish, you can always verify the authenticity of the agency.



Myth 4: “I am postponing buying property in Turkey because I do not have time to travel to Turkey – neither for recreation, nor in order to deal with the official process.”

Truth: All official actions that require your participation can be done by proxy. By contacting our agency, you can purchase real estate remotely on transparent and favorable terms. 



Myth 5: “Life is very expensive in Turkey.”

Truth: The cost of living in Turkey is significantly cheaper than in most European countries. In addition, data from the Turkish Institute of Statistics show that according to the results of purchasing power parity in final consumption expenditure in 2020, Turkey is the cheapest country in Europe to live.



Myth 6: “The majority of the population of Turkey is Muslim, so I am not sure if I can get used to the local way of life.”

Truth: Various religions and cultures have coexisted in Turkey since the days of the Ottoman Empire. Over the past centuries, a tolerant environment has developed where people from different countries, faiths and cultures coexist peacefully. The diverse and heterogeneous structure of Turkey will allow you to quickly get used to the local way of life and feel at ease.



Myth 7: “My kids don’t speak Turkish. I am afraid that they will not get a good education in Turkey because of the language barrier. ”

Truth: There are many qualified international schools in Turkey. You can choose a school whose official language of instruction is English, German, French, Italian, etc.



Myth 8: “I have to pay a lot of annual taxes after buying a property.”

Truth: Taxes in Turkey are much lower than in many other countries. For example, the tax on housing is 0.2% for properties outside the metropolitan area and 0.4% for properties within the metropolitan area.



Myth 9: “Real estate in Turkey is low income”

Truth: One of the most important reasons for buying Turkish property is the return on your investment. Every year more and more tourists prefer to rest not in hotels, but in residential complexes with good infrastructure for quality rest and for a longer period. Many leave for the winter in warm Alanya.

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