The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is an island in the south of Turkey. There is a gem waiting to be discovered with its magnificent nature and surrounding opportunities. About North Cyprus, which has some of the most famous and beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. Read More

   Stands out as a great option for both vacation and living. With its advanced education opportunities and the population that is not very crowded.

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The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is really one of the best choices for living. Advantages such as international schools, a developed legal system, a sociologically developed and good society, etc. Daily life by the sea is the first advantage that comes to mind.
About North Cyprus, from an investment point of view. It is possible to say that it has brought very high profitability in recent years. Both in euro and dollar exchange rates. House or cottage, or villa is always a good option to protect your money’s value from inflation. If it is a house or villa in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, it is more than a good option, it is an excellent option. There are wonderful villas on the seafront in north Cyprus. North cyprus apartments, north cyprus villas generally have beautiful views.
As a climate, it generally has a hot climate and it is possible to swim in the sea even in November and December. Palm trees have a wonderful atmosphere with warm air. You will not be able to get enough of the deep blue seas.
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