12 Holiday Places in Izmir, Pearl of the Aegean

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We have listed 12 Holiday Places in Izmir for you.

1- Ozdere

Ozdere, which is a part of the Menderes district of Izmir, is a charming coastal town. Özdere is one of the most popular touristic destinations during the summer with its 30-kilometer-long beach that includes blue-flagged beaches, beautiful bays and its nature that combines blue with the green, and with its perfect climate.

2- Sıgacık

Seferihisar is located to the south of Izmir and is a place where nature, history, and sea come together to promise peace to its visitors all year long. Seferihisar is the first “Slow City” (Cittaslow) of Turkey and the 121st in the world.

3- Sakran

Aliağa is also a good destination for those who want to enjoy the Aegean Sea. 4 km long beaches of the district all are completely sandy. Şakran beach, which is located on the İzmir-Çanakkale road and fairly easy to reach from the center, is one of the shining stars of the North Aegean with its pristine sea and untouched nature.

4- Dikili

The district which has been home to many different cultures is a symbol of the region with its festivals and culture-arts events. There are countless reasons for you to visit one of the most serene holiday destinations in İzmir.

5- Urkmez

Located between Gumuldur and Seferihisar, Urkmez is the perfect holiday destination for those who want to relax. The beach is mostly stony, but this is the reason why the sea is clean.

6- Urla

Urla is an amazing part of the Aegean with its 40-kilometer coastline, clean sea, great nature, and historical sites. Just 35-kilometer away from the city center, Urla opens its doors for an unforgettable vacation.

7- Foca

An Ionian civilization in the Ancient Era, Foça was called Phokaia for the Mediterranean monk seals that lived in its waters and this name reached our present day in the form of Foça. Included in Homeros’s Odysseia, Foça is a place frequented by both foreign and domestic tourists. In Foça day trips can be made on boats to visit the islands and coves or the historical sites.

8- Alacati

One of the holiday places in Izmir is Alacati. Alacati, one of the most popular holiday centers of recent years, is located in Cesme. Blue-white houses fascinate everyone with their beautiful streets. Especially windsurfers prefer this region.

9- Gumuldur

The land of Satsuma with the great smell, Gümüldür combines the green with the blue and with a 7-kilometer coastline and blue flagged beaches and hotels that cater for all budgets, it is one of the towns where the sea tourism is blooming. 50 kilometers from Izmir City center, 35 from Adnan Menderes Airport, thanks to its accessibility, it has become one of the towns preferred by many sea lovers.

10- Mordogan

80 kilometers from the İzmir city center on the İzmir-Karaburun road, Mordoğan is one of the most important areas of Karaburun with 3 natural beaches, beautiful nature and historical richness. The most important values of the area are the Müesser Aktaş Ethnography and History House, Narkisos Spring, Ayşe Hatun Mosque, Greek Villages, historical fountains, and windmills.

11- Karaburun

100 km away from the city center, the district is easily accessible by Çeşme highway and is one of the unique places on earth.

Karaburun Peninsula, also known as Mimas, is a must-see destination not only with its history of thousands of years, but also with its cleans sea, and beaches.

13- Candarli

It is a holiday resort in the district of Dikili, 1.5-2 hours away from Izmir. According to the rumor, Amazon women warriors dominated the region and established many coastal cities, especially Pitane (Candarlı). The word ‘pitane’, meaning the city of women and the city of queens, comes from here.

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