Top 10 Countries With The Highest Value For Housing

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Turkey, which was the first in Europe with the sales of 1.5 million residences in 2021, also became the leader among the countries in which the residences are valued the most in the world. According to the 2021 year-end report by the British research company Knight Frank, in which 56 countries were analyzed, housing in Turkey was valued at an average of 59.6% last year. In this area, Turkey was followed by New Zealand with 22.6 percent and Czechia with 22.1 percent. Slovakia, Australia, Netherlands, USA, South Korea, Jersey and Estonia were in the top 10. Last year, residences in Europe were valued at an average of 10 percent. This rate was recorded as less than half of Turkey’s net valuation after deducting inflation. In 2021, housing prices increased by 12.4 percent in Germany, 10.8 percent in England, 11.2 percent in Portugal, which competes with Turkey on citizenship, and 7.1 percent in France.

Top 10 countries with the highest valuation of housing by the end of 2021

Turkey 59.6%

New Zealand 22.6%

Czech Republic 22.1%

Slovakia 22.1%

Australia 21.8%

Netherlands 20.3%

America 18.8%

South Korea 18.4%

Jersey 18.4%

Estonia 17.3%

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