Frequently asked questions about Turkish Citizenship

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What is the difference between Turkish Residency and Turkish Citizenship?

Turkish Residency allows you to reside in the country for a certain period. After this time, the residence permit can be renewed if you fulfill some requirements. The residence permit also allows you to enter Turkey without a visa.

Turkish Citizenship gives you the rights of a Turkish citizen, and it is life-long. You get the Turkish passport and the Turkish ID (kimlik). To apply for Citizenship, some requirements need to be fulfilled.


How can I obtain Turkish Citizenship?

There are different ways to get Turkish Citizenship. It can be obtained by marrying a Turkish Citizen, working 5 years in a row in Turkey with a valid work permit, investing in Turkey for at least 500.000 USD, purchasing a property with a minimum value of 400.000 USD, providing employment to at least 50 people, or keeping at least 1.000.000 USD in a Turkish bank for three years.


Do I need to know Turkish to be eligible for Turkish Citizenship?

No, Turkish language knowledge is not necessary to be eligible to get Turkish Citizenship.


What type of property do I need to buy for Turkish Citizenship?

You can purchase a single property or a few properties summing up to at least 400.000 USD. The properties must have title deeds (Tapu), and the declared value in the Tapu is also not less than 400.000 USD.

How long does the procedure for Turkish Citizenship take?

When the property’s title deed (Tapu) is transferred to your name, you can apply for Turkish Citizenship. You can get Citizenship usually within 30, at the latest within 60 days.


Are children older than 18 years eligible for a Turkish passport when their parents buy a property?

According to the law, purchasing a property of at least 400.000 USD makes the whole family, consisting of husband, wife, and kids under the age of 18, eligible to get a Turkish passport.
For each child older than 18, another 400.000 USD is needed.


Are my parents eligible for Turkish Citizenship if I buy a property?

According to the law, only legal spouses and children under 18 are eligible to get Turkish Citizenship.


Is it possible to receive Turkish Citizenship with installment purchase of properties?

No, if you plan to apply for Turkish Citizenship by purchasing a property, the total amount should be paid off. Besides, the total time frame for finances to arrive in Turkey and be delivered to the seller should not exceed 6 months.


How many citizenships does each property offer?

Each property with a minimum value of 400.000 USD is suitable for the Citizenship of only one family (including the parents and children under 18 years old). However, from one sale, multiple facilities can receive Turkish Citizenship. For instance, if the property’s value is 800.000 USD, its possible for 2 different families to apply for Turkish Citizenship as it is twice the amount required for Citizenship.

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